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Free web tools online including IP address tools, DNS tools, SEO tools, and webmaster tools. View the a description of the free online web tools available below.

IP Address Web Tools

Ever ask yourself, “What is my IP address?”. The Black Link IP Address Tool shows your your IP address. The Proxy Check Tool is included in the IP address tool. The Proxy Check Tools shows whether or not your using a proxy server. If you are using a proxy server, the Proxy Check shows the Proxy Server Header information as well.

What to find the location of an IP address? The Black Linx IP Address Location Tool does just that. To find out the location, simply insert the IP address you want to locate. Black Linx does the rest.

Domain Name System(DNS) Web Tools

What is DNS? A Domain Name System (DNS) allows an IP address to be translated into words so that they can be remembered more easily by Internet users. This allows people to easily find a website on the World Wide Web. For example, it is much easier for you to remember a web address name (such as rather than typing in to reach our site. How does DNS work?

The DNS Lookup Tool allows you to enter a domain name and find all of the IP addresses associated with that domain.

Looking for Reverse DNS Lookup? The Reverse DNS Lookup Tool allows you to enter an IP address in order to find the associated domains.

Server Oriented Web Tools

Want a quick way to figure out the status of your website? Use the Black Linx Server Status Tool to see if your web server is online.

Need to see what headers your server sending? We’ve got that covered, too. Use our Server Header Check Tool to see what data your website is sending to the web.

SEO Tools

…More importantly, free to use.

Find all the SEO Tools you need here online at Black Linx. No need to visit several different websites for SEO tools, bookmark this one because Black Linx has all you need!

Each tool is designed to be user friendly, rather than complicated or confusing. The Black Linx Online SEO Tools are complete, effective, and powerful.

Easy as 1, 2, 3. No need to sign up or subscribe. Our tools are read, click, and go. No fees, memberships, or limits.

The developers of Black Linx has added tips and tutorials to help you use each SEO tool. The world of search engine optimization is constantly changing. Follow the quality guidelines set forth by leading search engines to ensure your SEO success.

Internet Speed Test Tool

Want to know if you are paying too much for your Internet service? Worried that your Internet Service Provider may be throttling your usage? Maybe your cell phone data speed seems slow. Find the download speed of your Internet connection using our Internet Speed Test Tool.


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